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Camo barrels available for Nova?

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I'm thinking about buying a used Nova 12 gauge in Max4 camo, but it has a 28" barrel. I prefer a 26" barrel because I'm more of a snap shooter.

Anyway, I looked on Benelli's website and only saw standard barrels in 26". Are 26" barrels available in camo, specifically the Max4 pattern? Thanks for any feedback.


[ 11-09-2005, 04:35 PM: Message edited by: buckminster ]

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If they make the gun with that barrel, the barrel will be available somewhere.


You may not like the price though, even if you find one on E-Bay they run $200+ usually.


MSRP is around $260+ for a camo Nova barrel. I can buy a new camo Nova for $350.


Try e-gunparts.com? I see they list them for $326 :eek:


I'd just shoot the 28", you won't be much of a snap shooter with a Nova anyway :D


I've shot 26" bbls for 20 years, and I am now heading towards 28"-30" for a smoother swing.


mudhen - CA

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"Snap shooter" - reminds me of my paintballing friends.


I compared the barrel lengths side by side when I was purchasing my Nova. It may have just been me, but the 2" difference didn't really appear to be a full 2". Again, that may just be me...

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