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choke tubes


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i am hoping that i can get some advice on something really dumb i did with my nova pump. heres what happened last hunting season i was using a full choke, and about halfway through the season i started hunting at a new place were steel shot was the only thing you can shoot, so i used steel, but stupid me forgot that full choke was for lead only not steel, i just remembered this season while dove hunting as i was looking through my choke tubes. i asked a few people if any possible dammage could have been done to the barrel or choke, and everyone told me not to worry, the choke may have gotten a little scratched. after i went home i checked the barrel's and ddint find and dammage, i also checked the choke tube, and found some trace marks from shooting. could using a steel shot with a lead only choke of hurt anytihng else in the gun, or did it just scratch the choke a litttle. i was told not to worry, because hte choke is what holds the pattern and thats what would dammage a little.( i was shooting a lot with the full choke and steal shot, about half a season of upland.)

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