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Nova recoil reducer


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I don't have a Nova, and I've never installed one of their recoil reducers, but... I THINK it may just be a rubber spacer, used to ensure that the recoil reducer fits snugly in the mounting bracket, so it doesn't rattle around.


If you find out for sure, let us know.

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Originally posted by tonto:

My son & I both have new nova's and I'm installing recoil reducers in them both. I noticed inside of both brackets there is a piece of rubber hose. Does anyone know the purpose of this? HELP> tonto

smile.gif Let me remember, well you place your recoil reducer in and the left over space you use the rubber by cutting it to fit then close the cover.
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If anyone has access to a spacer for the Nova Pump please let me know. By the way. I recently purchased a NEW Nova pump and ALL the chokes were too long for the gun and I had to have them machined to fit properly. I am a little leary of the quality assurance that Benelli is using as my gun has now two problems and is new! ANyone else having these problems let me know.

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