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  1. I too needed a recoil pad on my Nova reg. stock. I also needed to shorten the LOP so I put a benelli Gel Pad to replace the standard pad and it fit perfectly and tight. I had no issue at all.
  2. Commando

    M2 sights

    I want to know will the Ghost ring sight system cuause a problem if I want to add a Pic rail on the top receiver and add a Aimpoint T1 with the Laure low mount? Or should I get the rifle sights instead to avoid field of view problems with the aimpoint? Will GR sights work or not with the Aimpoint?
  3. Take a Look at these guys. They shoot with Benelli's and use rifel sights. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU5dsnBsxXs
  4. Yes they are. Nights Sights still available
  5. Night sights and screw in chokes still available.
  6. Commando

    M2 Tactical

    I have been looking at the M2 Tactical and the FN SLP 18" and looking at the pros and cons. Any advice on these two shotguns. I know in a Benelli Forum I will get great info on the M2 but just checking because some of you might have both. I do own Benelli's and love how simple they are but the concern with the M2 is the inertia compared to the FN gas operated when it comes to mounting items. Does anyone have the M2 tactical and installed a Pic. rail on top to mount some kind of optic? If so have there been any issues with light to heavy loads? Thx
  7. Commando

    Benelli Parts

    For Sale Brand new with wrap Benelli M4 extension +2 magazine tube $300.00 SPF Meprolight Tritium night sights for the Benelli M4, $75.00 Also for sale, Benelli New flush choke tubes for the M4, IC and C. $25.00 each SPF IM or Email for further info.
  8. Benelli cant import the original Mag tubes they produce so they could have a company in the States make them but there still not the original Benelli Mag Tubes....
  9. Botach is owned by a Middle Eastern person who's company will charge your card and wont have item in stock and will take forever to get the item or refund the purchase...
  10. What sights are better, Ghost ring or Rifle sights ? I have a friend who is buying a M2 Tactical but he is unsure if Ghost or Rifle sights would be better. He also wants to use it in shotgun matches.
  11. will have pics upon request.
  12. I assume you want the original Fixed pistol grip stock:cool:
  13. Brand New In Box Never Fired(Factory Test Fired) Benelli M4 model 11707. Serious buyer send me an email for further information. $1699.00 shipped Sold
  14. Commando

    M-4 & eotech

    I would not use the Eotech, the Micro is very nice and of course much smaller and has a better battery life then the Eotech. I had a Eotech 553 and bought it for the purpose of using it on my Benelli M4 but after seeing the Micro with its size, weight and longer battery life I sold the Eotech. I think its time for Eotech to start looking at getting their sight smaller and with a better battery life.
  15. Yes, the Supernova will be a great hunting shotgun. I used the Nova prior to my SBE II.
  16. Yes the rubber hose needs to be in there and yes you can get a Benelli Gel Pad and it will fit the Nova. I have a Gel pad on my Nova and it fits perfect.
  17. Yes its great to have a dog and thats what I love about duck hunting.
  18. I would save my money and get the SBE II, thats what I use. For now go get you the Super Nova for hunting those ducks and you wont be sorry. My first Benelli was a Nova and its great and much smoother feel then my 870 I sold. Good luck.. Love my Nova, SBE II and M4
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