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SBEII - Buckshot pattern


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I need some help .. I bought a new SBEII and love everything about it EXEPT I can't hit the broad side of a barn with buckshot in it.

So Far I have tried the stock full choke , and a kicks aftermarket full choke (which on the package said it was designed to shoot 00 buck) , I shot winchester x 00 3.5" , federal #1 3.5" copper and winchester #4 3.5" through each choke with POOR results. I must admit I havent tried the IC, Mod, or IM that came with the gun yet. I was hoping someone out there could give me a heads up on what worked for them. My shoulders getting sore and it would be great to get a point in the right direction.



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I took my new SBEII out a couple of weeks ago and paterned it in. It's a lefty with a 26" barrel. My buddy has a SBE with a pattern master. Shooting the same 3 1/2 loads he was on average puttting 10-15 more holes in the 30" circle. I was using the stock Mod choke tube that came with my SBEII. I had no problems dopping ducks in northern Arkansas opening weekend.


I will probably try the pattern master out this spring, but the stock choke tubes work just fine. The way I shoot 10-15 more in the kill zone won't hurt.

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