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Nova magazine limiter plug


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Originally posted by tucker301:

Do you mean the cap which holds the plastic plug in place? If so, simply insert a small screwdriver into the center hose and pry the cap upward to remove it. Place your hand over it as it comes out to prevent it from flying across the room.

Thanks for the quick response. What you are saying seems like it would work but the manuel says to "squeeze the retainer ring" with pliars which I beleive you are calling the cap, and the retainer should then lift up from the pressure of the spring. Prying the retainer like you suggested would appear to do the job but I do not want to bend or damage it. Squeezing the retainer with pliars will also seem to cause damage.
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I purchased Retaining Ring Pliers at Sears to remove the magazine spring seal ring.


It has two small holes in the seal ring that the retaining ring pliers can be used to squeeze the ring so you can remove it from the magazine.


Be sure to wear eye protection while you perform this operation. There is a lot of spring tension behind the seal ring and if you are not very careful, you will have the seal ring, spring and the shot limiter plug flying in all directions.


I once attempted to remove my magazine spring seal ring without eye protection (I had done this before) and was using the same procedure when the seal ring slipped past my thumb.


I was fortunate that all the flying parts missing my face. Needless to say, I wear eye protection while removing or installing the magazine spring seal ring.


Regards, - threeshot


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