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26" or 28" Benelli Nova


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I'm a beginner to shotguns and don't know much about them but I'm going to be getting a Benelli Nova 12 guage to be used primarily for dove hunting, but also used for some duck hunting as well. Maybe even pheasant or quail on rare occasions.


What I wanted to know is what barrell length would you advise? 26" or 28"? Is either one more popular of a size than the other.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Also, any advice on the type of choke and bullet I should use for each type of bird would be appreciated too since I have no idea. I notice the Nova comes with 3 chokes so I'm a little confused as to how to use them properly.



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For your type of hunting the 28" would probably be the choice. The only real difference is the longer "sight plane" which tends to keep you swinging on the bird better. Ballistically, there's little or no difference in performance of the 26" or 28". The theory is that the shorter barrel handles a bit better in the thick stuff and for quick shots when jump shooting. To be honest, it's pretty much personal preference. Get to a gun shop if you can and see which length "feels" better to you; otherwise you won't really go wrong either way. As for the chokes ... depends on how far away the birds are flying ... and to some degree the "shot size & density or weight " PROBABLY ... improved cylinder or modified for ducks over decoys; (25 to 35 yards) and full choke for pass shooting at longer ranges. (anything over 35 yards.) I'd just ask whoever you're hunting with and take their advice. You can also go online to Winchester and/or Remington Ammunition and I think they have excellent "Guides for Shot Size" ... charts which give you recommended chokes and shotgun shells for all the different game. Nice gun by the way! Good Luck with it.



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