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BUILDING an SBE receiver

44 Canon

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Well, I thought about putting this on the other thread, but it seams to be a little to different in nature.

If I can't get any help from Benelli, I am going to build my own SBE receiver. Any ideas or suggestions? I was thinking along the line of aluminum or nylon.

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I understand that you have all these parts and that you got them for nothing, or close to nothing, but I can't see this project working on its present course.


Is there a problem with your being able to purchase a firearm?

Honestly, sincerely, I believe you've been given sound advice reagrding selling off the existing parts and putting the proceeds into the purchase of a new or used SBE.


By the time you buy a barrel and the other missing parts, and fabricate a receiver (do you have any idea what that would entail?), you'll have either more money invested than the gun's worth, at best; Or you'll have an unsafe, disfunctional firearm that could possibly kill on both ends.

Possibly, probably, likely - BOTH.

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Nope, no problem at all. I preasentley own half a dozen handguns and a few long guns ( including a .22 Magnum XM-8 I built out of a marlin model 60 and a .22 Magnum MAS 1935A that I converted. I build WORKING gun parts on a regulear basis and am set up for doing it. Building a functional benelli receiver would be mostley a matter of getting down to the basic shape. The inturnals based on what I have and have seen, would probably be a very easy project. A simple internet search on my username will reveal that I am a pretty well known person in the gun comunity, particularley for ground level gunsmithing including development of entire firearm systems from ground zero, and roller-lock and roller-bolt actions happen to be one of my specialties. I also invinted a fully functional and reliable mechanism that releases the slide on handguns automatically when a loaded magazine is inserted without interfiering with the slide stopping back on the last round.

I am just reaping ideas before calling Benelli. I have had a hard time reaching them since they close before I even go to lunch ( I am 4 houres earlier ) but eventually will, probably on monday. If I could get Benelli to build it, that would be great. As far as the idea of just selling the parts, I am more concearned with the person I got them from flipping-out on me for doing so then anything else.

The main reason I perfer to go through Benelli rather then make my own receiver is so that if I ever wanted to sell it, I could. Their is a good chance that since I already own a Mossberg 500, I may end up trading it for an M-14 or something like that upon completion. Either way, one of them is going by, by.


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Most of that unfulfilled dreaming has become a reality. Some I don't have pictures of but you will find if you come by, others are so old I don't talk about it anymore but footage is still floating around.

As of right now, the only ones I can think of that I have not completed are the .500S&W auto pistol, the Desert Eagle frame, 10mm Beretta and the .50BMG deal. Those are ALL a matter of resources and have been from day 1.

Their is a CZ-52 one but it's not a dream, just something I had in mind for some friends.

Most of my online rep comes not from ideas but advice that works and first hand accounts by friends I have made stuff for.

These are some pictures of my handy work. If their is anything speciffic, let me know and i'll see if I can't dif it up:


CZ-52. Make note of the modurn mag release that's not native to the CZ-52. I have done allot more with that gun since the picture was taken.



Some of my handguns. The grey frame handgun is a MAS 1935-A, and it's chambered for .22 Magnum. It was a mil spec make when I got it, with a missing fireing pin. The CZ-52 is also in their. Although this picture was taken after the first one, it has had some updates since then as well. A grip change being the most visable.



It's what it looks like. An Xm-8 stock I made for the Ruger 10/22. It was my first and i've made much sharper ones since.



Not really gun related, but much more of a chalenge then any gun work i've ever done. By the time you finish something like this, things like parts fabrication will be second nature to you. It's a 300,000 piece card model of the USS Nimitz. I started working on this model on June 6th of 2000 ( I picked that date on purpose ) and still haven't finished it. Everything is scratch built, including the aircraft, hanger bay, people and even the nobbs on the doors.



Now, that's mostley just stuff I put pictures of online to comfort others curiosity. It's but a fraction of what I do in person, and if you look up what people who know me personally talk about, you will find that.

You will find allot of concept images runing around, but while you will find allot of them that their are no actual photos behind, you will also find that they slowley but surley are alwayse followd up by photos eventually. Their have been times when these projects have been in question and times when they have been answered. Not everything on the list is complete, but unless I personally drop the project ( which I usually say I am going to do, and seldomley happens ), it alwayse has and alwayse will be eventually be backed up.

If anything in that is relevant, it's that I DO put my money where my mouth is.


Right now, I have 2 guns I built almost entirley from ground zero ( one I built everything from scratch but the barrel and some of the springs ) which I am trying to get pictures of right now. I am also only a single piece of metal away from finishing the Desert Eagle frame and magazine.


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Like I said, building an SBE receiver is only a last resort. I am hopeing I can get Benelli to assemble the parts to a complete rifle and send it to a local dealer for transfer. Like I said before, my main reason for wanting to do this is so that I can sell it if I ever deciede to without paying $200 to have a cereal nomber asigned to a rifle that probably wouldn't be worth much more then $200 with the non-benelli receiver.

BTW, I am aware that the barrel is really the price hog, but also keep in mind that the SBE as far as I know, is not available with the barrel I seek, so even if I got one complete, I would still be replacing the barrel anyway as well as the stock. The only thing I MAY be investing in to complete this gun that I wouldn't have had I bought a complete gun is the receiver.


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