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SBE II Patterning


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Two questions:


When patterning a shotgun, do you cover up the center of the intended target with the bead or does the target rest on top of the bead?


How do you guys sight in?


Are shotguns manufactured to shoot a little high as to hit flushing birds or are they manufactured to hit right in the center at 40 yds?



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I use it myself for bird hunting so exact aim isn't that important. Just wondering how the guns are usually set up and where it should be shooting. Is it manufactured to shoot dead straight or slighlty high.


I assume for deer there are iron sighted barrells. Don't hunt turkeys.

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Most will shoot high to some degree, depends on the gun though. Trap guns may shoot 75-25 or even higher. Field guns around 60-40 or even flatter. Also depends on the shooter to some extent. Wingshooting I let the bird/target sit on top of the bead as I swing. For turkeys I aim as if the front sight were on a rifle, right where I want to hit.

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