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M1 S90 Ejector


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I have an HK era M1 Super 90 Field. I recently noticed the rivet which holds the front of the ejector housing to the barrel was missing leaving only the split pin at the rear to hold the ejector housing in place.


I ordered and rec'd a new ejector rivet but am curious how this "rivet" is properly installed. It is essentially a VERY SMALL hollow type rivet without any flair on either end. Essentially both ends need to be flaired (most likely simultaneously).


Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated. I did a search of old topics and could only find one post from 03 where someone else asked the same questions with no response.


Hopefully, someone new can help out.

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I highly recommend you take it to a competant gunsmith if you have one near you.

If you are not that familiar with rivets its fairly hard to explain how to do it properly without causing more damage and a gunsmith will have the proper tools and the experience to do it properly.


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Sorry. I simply don't have that much time to try and explain how to set an open ended straight walled hollow rivet along with how to make the needed tools on top of it.

Suggestion. If you have experience with larger rivets, try applying the same knowledge with smaller ones.

Turn a small standard type solid rivet on a lathe and you will only have to mushroom one end over.

You will be the only one that knows its not factory, and I believe the newer M2 and M4 are now solid rivets anyway.

If this doesn't help you, as I said before. Take it to a gunsmith.

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I figured there might be a proprietary rivet squeezer for this application. I ended up making a series of convex punches (similar to pin punches), using two at a time to flair the rivet.


Appears to have worked quite well.


Thanks for at least responding.



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