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SBEII Sticky Safety


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I recently bought a SBEII and love it. I took it to the trap range and shot 20/25 the first round, and 25/25 the second round. First time ever shooting a Benelli. It fits me well.


However, the safety button is hard to press. It requires a lot of force, more than I would expect or want. I read on another forum that Benelli CS would take care of this. Has anyone sent their gun in for this issue? I don't want to send it back right now because our waterfowl season is going to start in 4 weeks.

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The SBEII safety is a very simple mechanism, comprised of a crossbolt, detent, and spring.

I've never had issue with mine being stiff or noisy, but if I did I'd simply take the components down and find and fix the problem.


It could be that the detent or the recesses in the crossbolt are rough, or it could be that a slightly shorter or slightly lighter spring would be in order.

Either of which would be a very easy fix.


Perhaps just a touch of lube in the right spot would be all that's needed.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I did a search on the forum and found out this was a problem. I talked to CS and they said I could send back the trigger assembly and they would cut off 2 coils on the spring. This would require 2 week turn around.


The other option was for me to cut the spring. I chose to cut the spring myself and it works perfectly.

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