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What is a "Black Eagle" ???

Oregon Elk Hunter

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OK - let me start by saying that I am a new guy to Benelli and that this is probably a stupid question.


I am looking at an auction for a Benelli "Black Eagle" with two receivers and two barrells, one smooth-bore and one rifled for slugs.


I would like to know how this gun would compare with the models I am familiar with, such as the SBE or M2?


Thanks, in advance, for any help you can give? OEH.

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It depends on when the gun was made and for what market.


I have honestly never seen a BE slug gun, nor heard of a 2 receiver/2 bbl set. Can you pm me the auction site? I have no intent to buy, just want to see it.


The BE is still alive and doing quite well in Europe. But there are no BE slug guns listed on Benelli Italy's website.


I have not seen the BE in Benelli-USA's line-up for some time. The Legacy is essentially a fancy BE though.


If it is an original US BE, it may not have some critical modern updates like in the area of the ejector plate assembly. I think they started updating ejector plates in 1998.


I would want to see what ejector assembly the gun had before buying. If its the old metal bar ejector, I would avoid the purchase. If it is the new flat plate, it may be a good deal.


www.benelli.it is a good place for info.


mudhen - CA

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