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Lucky T

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I just purchased an M1 Super 90 12 gauge and it is my first shotgun purchase. I just got into hunting over the last couple of years, and have the following questions. Please help....


1) In the zone where I deer hunt, I can only use a shotgun (slug) or muzzleloader; therefore, when using my shotgun, what is the recommended slug and choke tube to use?


2) For duck hunting, what choke tube is recommended?


3) For turkey hunting, what choke tube is recommended?

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Hi Lucky T - Benelli recommends a Cylinder choke (5 notches) for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth bore barrel.


As for duck chokes IM or M for pass shooting, IC or C for decoying birds seem to be the rule depending on shell size, shot size/type, distances and weather conditions.


Your factory full choke should work fine for Turkeys with #4 lead Turkey loads or #6 heavyshot. My brother finished his Turkey grand-slam this past year using the factory full choke in his SBE so it works.


Hope this helps ... Good luck

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