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Having Trouble with my Benelli M1!


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For the good part of the season, my benelli M1 (which is 4-5 years old) has jammed once or twice on each hunt. I do not know what is wrong with it, but I cannot send it in know for obvious reasons, (and it doesnt happen enough that they will probably wont see it)

It seems to do it with all types of 3 inch shells, It did it with with both Tungsten Matrix and fasteel today.

What happens is, I shoot, and it ejects the first shell, and while its bringing up the second shell, its getting caught in the bottom of the action, almost like its closing before it brings up the new shell, and they the action gets stuck about at the end of the brass.(plastic side)

To bring the new shell up, I have to Pull back on the action, and then it slides in.

Any ideas. I just put more Break free the slide and rails last night, and it was only lows in the 40's today.

I also have the Surecylce spring in it too, for about the last 1.5 years. I also installed the surecylce Magazine kit.

Could it be something in the Magazine spring thats not pushing it right. I installed the Surecylce magazine kit, and maybe I didnt put it in right.

Could the bar that is connectected to the Trigger assembly that I presume pulls the new shell up, be worn out. I shoot this gun alot, for both hunting and sporting clays.(1-2 times a week for sporting clays and skeet) The gun seems to do this weather its well oiled or with barely any oil.

Please help. Any advice is much appreciated.



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Problem 1: Surecycle recoil assy. It says not to oil it. Bad advice. It needs oil so the bolt can cycle fully back and forth with enough force to load and lock the next shell. Problem 2: surecycle mag spring assy. The speed and force with which the shell exits the mag tube has everything to do with how well the gun cycles and I have not been impressed with the strength of the surecycle springs of any kind. Stainless steel and aftermarket parts dont always mean better. On some guns the Surecycle mods may work ok but on Benellis they are a flop. I have found that properly maintained factory workings are far superior. I dont think the problem is in the carrier either. Ive seen these guns with 40000+ rounds in them all original and properly kept still whip em all.

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Just wanted to let you know that I replaced my Surecylce recoil tube with the Original recoil tube, and I replaced the Surecylce Magazine upgrade with the original.

I hunted with it today for sea ducks, shot probably 25-30 shells, and not one jam. First time all year.I think I got it fixed.(knock on wood)

Thanks again.


PS. I will say Surecycle does make some awesome chokes.

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