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Please assist with this question...


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My father has an older SBE with a larger steel safety button. The problem he is having is that this safety cuts the inside of his middle finger to the point where it draws blood. He even wraps it with tape or a bandaid but still it cuts his finger. My SBE, which I got last year, has a black smaller safety which is not as sharp on the edges, etc. I have no problem with cut fingers. He has used my SBE and loves that it doesn't cut his hand up. Not a huge deal but everytime we go to the range to shoot clays, he always tapes up his hand and still has an annoying little cut at the end of the day.


Is there a way to replace the older safeties with newer style, or at a minimum file this older one down so that it doesn't cut his hand up.


I have used his gun and it too cuts my finger, not sure what our options are. Can we just buy a safety like the one on my gun and replace his?


Any feedback, part numbers, and where to buy/how to install would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Not sure what exactly is causing the cut but, you can remove the saftey from the trigger assembly - do the work and cover the raw surface with some bluing thats available from any shop around... put her back together and make'er happen.


heck you could put it in your pocket and take to a smith and he could dab a little stuff on it for ya with out buying an entire container and wasting it.. never know .. your call. smile.gif

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