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M2 vs. M1 and hunting with a Tactical Shotgun???


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Hello.... I'm new here and am interested in an M1 Tactical for defense and hunting.


Before you tell me to get a longer barrel or one with a ramp and bead please understand that my old, feeble, and set in it's ways, mind simply won't work with those "sights". :confused:


I have a tactical rifle and pistol mentality and am used to using "rifle type sights" and don't think it's worth trying to change/adapt. :(


Anyway.... Does the M2 offer enough actual "real world" recoil reduction to justify the extra bucks?


I won't likely be shooting more than a couple hundred rounds per year and mostly at coyotes, deer, ducks, and for home defense.


Suggestions? Can I get any choke I want for this shotgun?


Can I use "Hevi-Shot" with it?


Am I crazy for wanting to hunt with an 18.5" barrel? :confused:


If I discover later that the 18.5" barrel just won't do it can I get a longer barrel and still utilize "rifle" type sights?




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If you are set on the type you want and wish to do double duty with it, just make sure the 18.5" barrel has the screw in choke tubes and it will do for hunting as well. Just change to an appropiate choke for the game you are hunting. The longer barrel lenghts are more for getting a longer sighting plane and keeping the swing smooth and ensuring follow through, than for getting tight patterns, (the choke does that).

The rifle or ghost ring sights would be distracting for me...but if that is what you are used to then it would be distracting for you without them. If it fits and suits you then you can adapt with the proper choke tube to do a reasonable job in the game fields as well.


I use my 24" M1 for almost all of my hunting these days and I hunt everything (ducks most)...and I have a choice of 18.5", 24", 26" or 28" barrels (M1 and SBE).


Hope this helps.

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