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My little brother and I both got new novas for christmas and the camo job is wearing on both of them after one day in the duck blind. My brother's gun is wearing on the sides where the pump slides back. We noticed air bubbles on it before we used it. My brother has advantage timber and I have max-4. My gun is only wearing on the grips a little but I am worried because I have shot 5 rounds through it. My Dads sbe2 is in advantage and it doesn't show any wear after 5 years of goose/duck hunting. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to stop or slow down the wear problems if not we are giving the guns back and getting browning bps.

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Well the wear on the sides of the Nova is normal. I've never seen one that didn't do it. Also remember that camo, no matter who does it, is just a decal like you put on a model car. It is not indestructable or impervious to scratches. Not to say that your camo isn't bad because it could be. Send it back to Benelli and give em a chance to fix it.

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My father and I both have SBEII's and our camo is wearing a little more than normal. I simply called Benelli customer service and they told me to ship them back in Febuary (after duck season) and they would be repaired under warrenty. Customer service and performance worth the price. I realized I purchased more than the worlds best auto-loading shotgun. Oh yea the SBEII has only been out for two years or so hasent it? Good Luck.

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