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  1. surfscotter


    Novadude, My father and I both have SBEII's and our camo is wearing a little more than normal. I simply called Benelli customer service and they told me to ship them back in Febuary (after duck season) and they would be repaired under warrenty. Customer service and performance worth the price. I realized I purchased more than the worlds best auto-loading shotgun. Oh yea the SBEII has only been out for two years or so hasent it? Good Luck.
  2. I shot Hevi-shot most of last season. I was very pleased with the results, it's a great design. Most of the credit goes to the physics but for me one major factor is the price. I use better judgment and take better time with each shot simply because it's TWO dollars a shot.
  3. Just wondering why you would prefer pump over semi-auto? The auto reduces recoil dramatically. and auto action (inertia) is next to fail-safe. I agree with the above SBEII is unbeatable for hunting or clays. If you want tactical go with somthing else because its going to be hard to have both.
  4. After reading all the problems that have been posted about the SBEII I have been forced to belive the posts are coming from Beretta employees. How is it possible for this shotgun to eject one empty and one live round in one cycle. I don't buy that story, It just dosnt seem possible. I have been trying hard to come up with one bad thing and here it is: If you have the max4 and you lay your shotgun down to take a leak, you may not be able to find it (good camo). Summary: The new SBEII is with out a doubt the best autoloading shot gun that has ever been produced. My SBEII continues to impress me
  5. I am not sure what is happening, The shotgun is ejecting the spent hull and the live shell in one cycle? I have been cycling my action and the only way I can see that happening is if you have a part missing from your shotgun. You should look in the parts book that came with your shotgun and see if you see anything that is not on your gun. Good luck guys I cant say the first bad thing about my SBEII.
  6. Another shining moment for you. Two weeks ago it was freezing rain and as it hit my SBEII it got into the action and refroze I let that happen just to see how it would do. here comes a drake shoveler, The ice did not help the shoveler. It shot and cycled just as if it were 60 degrees and dry. Let me also give an A+ to the wet and frozen remington HEVI-SHOT as well. As much ice was on and in the action I was shocked that it really shot and cycled.
  7. I have noticed that every field here in nc is full of soy beans during the migration season. A couple months ago Wildfowl magazine had a good article about how bad soy beans were for the waterfowl pop. Wonder what P.E.T.A. has to say about that?
  8. Have you seen the new shells from Hevi-Shot called DEAD COYOTE. I could only guess that would work pretty good for close range.
  9. Since your concerned about the hide I would personaly go with a remington model 700 chambered in 22-250. I like the sendero with the bulled barrel. But considering what they have done to the Turkey pop. in central NC I'd go with a .300 ultra mag.
  10. This may be off the beaten path a little but last night I saw a National Geographic special on hunting. It was supposed to be a debate, it was not at all a debate. They interviewed the stupidest most immoral idiots and called them hunters. They made us all look bad and our love of hunting look like a love of killing helpless little animals. My suggestion would be cancel any subscription you may have with these ignorant anti-hunters. All I saw last night was there effort to turn regular people who have no opinion into anti-hunters. Did anyone else see this?
  11. I have had my SBE II for a little over a week, and shot the daylights out of it. I have read about poor finish and stiff safty but maby I got lucky, Mine is perfect. If your in the market for a new shotgun there is only one way to go, SBE II. I can't complain about anything, even if I wanted too. Sure, if you pulled the butt pad on and off a half million times it may get loose, but still can't beat this shotgun, simply the best.
  12. I just started shooting Remington Hevi-shot nitro mag HIGH VELOCITY. IT dosn't get any better than that for duck. It carries 600fps out past 60 yards. But remember the Hevi-shot is harder than steel so be sure to only use chokes that can handle steel shot.
  13. Adam, I can only speak for the marlin, but my grandfather gave me one when I was only 10. I carried it for four seasons in SC and bagged 4 deer with 4 shots, 1 per season. Then I upgraded to a remington .270 when I was 14 mainly because we drew tags for Wyoming pronghorn. The 30-30 is a great short to medium range deer rifle. I read a article by the great John Wooters along time ago calling the 30-30 the very best short range deer rifle. I can't argue with John.
  14. Adam, Your topic is DEER rifle, so my suggestion would be dont mess with your shotgun and get a deer rifle. I will never buy another shotgun other than Benelli, but as far as rifles go plenty of good options. Some people may argue but out of the box a Remington model 700 is very hard to beat in .270 or 7MM. If that is out of your price range go to the gun shop and get a used remington or a marlin 30-30, I would not tell you that if you were in Montana or Wyoming but for florida a 30-30 would be just fine. As a hunter you can never have too many guns, so keep your 12ga. a 12ga. and get your se
  15. I called Dick's sporting goods "an authurized Benelli dealer" to ask if they had any SBEII's and he told me he had a SBE but there was no such thing as a SBEII. I said OH ok my mistake, thanks. I was thinking ok I'll take my $1400 somewhere else stupid.
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