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Plug for Saskatchewan


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The weather has been cool and brisk in the morning with temps between 30 and 35 F but the afternoons have been a hunters dream. Light breezes highs in the mid 70's and clear skies. I have spent the week hunting with and SBEII as well as other guns and ladies and gentlemen one must hunt his province at least once in life.

Friendly people, chaep like borscht and bird literaly begging you to give it a try. Over the last five days an average of 20 to 30 thousand snows on a pond. My partner and I have taken 76 birds without working hard and have walked for mile of simple yet breathtaking scenery. The mix was by the way Canada's Snows, Speckles Grouse Hungarian Partridge.

Dont be shy , grab a friend and get out there! :cool:

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