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Well, I bought a SBE II LH 26" in Advantage Timber about three weeks ago for $1250 plus tax. I called every dealer in my state, and ended up driving 2.5 hours because there were only 3 guns like this available (the LH is very hard to find). Also, the other two dealers wanted $100-$150 more.


Bargain (and this seems to depend on who you know and where you live, because people brag on other forums about paying $1000-$1200 for one, which I find somewhat hard to believe, but...you never know) I'd think $1200.


Fair $1250-$1375. A friend of mine bought one locally the same day I bought mine (his is a RH gun though, otherwise it's identical) for $1300 plus tax.


Most places a LH gun seems to cost $20-$50 more.


Camo also seems to add $100, regardless of LH or RH.


Also, I found that at most dealers a regular SBE was only $100 or so cheaper than a new SBEII. After holding both, I found the II to feel much better and the additional recoil reduction doesn't hurt either. Not confirmed, but one dealer did tell me they were going to continue to make the SBE RH, but discontinue the SBE LH. Again, not confirmed or anything.


Other than some basic questions needing to be answered about the gun (I'm new to semi autos) I have been very pleased. I shot over a box of 3.5"s within 4 hours Saturday morning, and my shoulder never hurt. The after hunt "cleaning session" was really easy too, aside from the bolt not coming out (I think this is something minor), which goes a long way for someone new to all of this like me.


If you shoot left handed I would definately shoot a left handed gun. Like I said, I have been very pleased with mine, and plan on hunting with it for quite a while.


Good luck finding one. Hope this helps.

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