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What is more efficient

Jim Gatto

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No muzzle power is lost with the Inertia system.

The system functions on the energy generated by the recoil of the firearm.

All gasses generate by the explosion are used to propel the projectile.

Recoil is a physical reaction to the projectile being expelled from the muzzle at a high velocity.


Gas systems bleed off a small mount of the gasses generated by the explosion. These gasses are re-directed to drive a piston mechanism reward to cycle the action.


The gasses are vented before the load exits the muzzle, so a small amount of energy is lost.


Barrel porting uses the same principle to bleed off some of the energy in a direction other than straight away and to use that energy to reduce muzzle jump.


The difference is neglible, but on paper or in a lab, the Inertia system delivers more energy from the muzzle.


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