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M1 pistol grip safety position


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Hi all,


Well, while inspecting my new M1 Tactical with it's pistol grip, I just noticed something I'm really a bit shocked about....especially on a tactical weapon. I had never noticed this before with my duty assigned entry M1, which has the standard stock.


My new M1, even with the large head safety button, absolutely requires that I reposition my right hand on the pistol grip in order to push the safety on.


I find this quite disconcerting on such a weapon, as I don't like to reposition my grip, considering it's probable usage.


I looked for similar posts through the search, and I'm sorry if I missed prior posts about this topic. This may be old hat to you long time M1 users, but I am just very shocked to find this on such a popular tactical weapon.


I had planned on testing this weapon with the pistol grip stock, but I so dislike this new found requirement, I will be installing my standard stock later tonight. Probably best for me anyway, since that is the way my duty entry is configured and what I train with regularly...



Am I way off base here??? I'm interested in your comments...


Take care,




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