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  1. Hi pdw, Interesting info, and good luck with your quest. I have tried about 5-6 different systems for tactical entries. Since I am still in an active duty mode, and actually use these weapons for their designed purposes, I have seen a variety of systems in use, and have a good understanding of what will work and what will not. The system I currently am using, as shown in the photo above, is the one that worked out the very best for MY applications. Our dynamic entries are very quick, and there is very little time to re-hook, re-secure, or re-sling a weapon. If a weapon failure
  2. scottso, Here is a good source, and they have good prices from what I can see... www.e-gunparts.com/model.asp?idDept=348 Take care, JJ
  3. No Prob jjm, Once you get spoiled by high quality products it is very hard to accept less. The only problem I will have now is finding a company that makes just a small ring type receiver end plate for the hooks. Only ones out here now...for the M1's anyway, are 1 1/4" loop types... As to those SIG's....yeah they are the best. A 226R for the thigh holster for entries, and the 229R for all day carry in plain clothes. I carried Glocks for many, many years, and loved them, I even used to sell a ton of them when I had my FFL...Then I had a problem with my G22, which could have been a fata
  4. Hi jakjakman, Yes, that is a very good setup. Great stuff they make at Specter, huh... I just got an e-mail back from them and they ARE going to start making their stuff available with the H&K style hooks...Crap, I guess I'll have to spend more money now... Take care, JJ [ 05-26-2006, 07:10 PM: Message edited by: jjgi5150 ]
  5. Hi jakjak, On the department 14" Entry gun, I used the strap connector for the Specter MOUT sling. It is far easier to remove and does not create any source of 'stress' to the department for 'modifying' their gun. I'm pleased with the way it has worked out. On my own personal M1, I would rather use a H&K hook/ring style mount. I'm going to hit up Specter and see if they may take a look at that... It would be good seller, since their sling material is far superior to the Blue Line on my AR. I wish that GG&G (or someone) would make an H&K style ring receiver mount
  6. Hi All, I have to agree with jakjakman, Specter products are really great pieces, and they have the best customer service around. The only reason I went with a Blue Line for my AR was the H&K hook, which I really like. I have recently gone to the MOUT SPS for the Benelli M1 Entry, and the Blue Line SPS for the AR, as the two/three point units tend to get caught up in other gear and on household items when house clearing. A few years ago, when I was involved in the marijuana eradications our department does, I would have loved to have had the MOUT style slings. Our loc
  7. Hey AFPJ, I assume that your screen name might translate to "Air Force ParaJumper"...if so, way cool career calling... Anyway, both my duty and personal M1's have straight cylinder bores...as far as I can tell. Neither has any screw-in choke system. I have only patterned the duty Entry 14" so far, and that was with our issue duty load, the Ranger #4 buck 27 pellet load. With that load, at 15 yds...which is about the max we will use that weapon....it is able to keep most all the pellet load 'primarily' in the center mass of the standard B-27 targets we use. We do have Range
  8. Hi all, My favorite duty load used to be a Federal 2 3/4" magnum #1 buck....20 pellets of .30 cal..at close to 1350fps...it was a great manstopper...I don't think it is available now...at least I haven't found any anywhere. But currently, in my duty M1 14" entry Benelli, we are using Dept. issued Ranger #4 standard 27 pellet load. OK I guess, but not my first choice. In my personal M1, 14" (with the p/a muzzle brake), I am using Winchester or Remington #1 standard 16 pellet loads... We're still doing some patern testing for both my personal M1 and my son's new 18" 870 Express
  9. Hi all, Well, while inspecting my new M1 Tactical with it's pistol grip, I just noticed something I'm really a bit shocked about....especially on a tactical weapon. I had never noticed this before with my duty assigned entry M1, which has the standard stock. My new M1, even with the large head safety button, absolutely requires that I reposition my right hand on the pistol grip in order to push the safety on. I find this quite disconcerting on such a weapon, as I don't like to reposition my grip, considering it's probable usage. I looked for similar posts through th
  10. HI M1014, Yeah, but I'm not too sure I like it yet...at least with this short barrel....but I'll learn to...because when I retire and move to Arizona, I will cut the thing off, legally of course, and leave it as a 14"!!! I notice yours has writing on it, and mine does not. Maybe an earlier style?? I'm also a bit disappointed, as I don't think the larger diameter will allow me to add an extended mag tube?.?. Is yours a permanently attached type, or a screw in choke type fitting?? Oh well, some custom mods may be in order.... Take care, JJ
  11. Hi all, Just got this on Saturday. Haven't fired it yet to compare it to my duty 14" entry...will do so next week and submit a report. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/jjgi5150/Gun%20Stuff/IMG_0249.jpg Take Care, JJ [ 04-03-2006, 06:19 PM: Message edited by: jjgi5150 ]
  12. Hey Mesa Tactical!!!!!! You guys need to make a new single point sling attachment for the M1-Super 90!!! One that uses a round style attachment point about 3/8" in diameter and smooth-edged, for an H&K style hook single point sling, rather than those flat 1 1/4" loops! Something like this.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/jjgi5150/Gun%20Stuff/IMG_0247.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/jjgi5150/Gun%20Stuff/IMG_0246.jpg I know about 20 guys on my department alone that would buy one. Thanks, JJ [ 03-26-2006, 11:40 AM: Message e
  13. Hi FN, Yes, it is true that with BATF approval, a 14" barrel can be had...but here in CA, you still need the additional approval from the State of California Department of Justice, and those are just not given out very often, even to full-time a LEO. A SBS in CA, without a CA DOJ permit, is a 12020 (a) PC felony. I have never tried to get a permit from them, but those I know that have were not successful. Back when I had my FFL, I used to think the BATF was a pain in the butt, but in the mid-90's, out here at least, it was the CA DOJ that really took over as the biggest pain
  14. Hi everyone, Just found this site, and it looks pretty good. I am a new M1 Super 90 owner...almost...I'll get to pick it up on the 27th. I bought the last remaining Tactical at a dealer I frequent, and it was a good buy in my mind. I was also looking at the 11-87P, but since I am assigned an M1 14" Entry for my work, it makes good sense to me to stick with a platform I am used to and good with. Anyway, the Tactical I bought has a 14" entry barrel, but also the muzzle brake from a Practical? permanently attached, to keep it legal for PRC private ownership. Kind of n
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