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Benelli Nova Rifled Forearm & Scope Mount


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Hello all:


Just joined this forum. I certainly like the look

of the products that Benelli has to offer.


Asking for a moment of your time to help

me better understand the Nova accessories.


I like the fact that the Nova Slug Gun receiver

is already tapped to mount a scope rail - as

stated by Benelli. Then I read that the use of a

slug barrel requires a special Nova fore-end.


As Benelli states:


>>Slug barrels require a modified fore-end sold



So then, if I buy a Nova Slug gun - already with

rifled barrel and correct fore-end - to start, I'll be

able to mount a single scope directly on the

pre-tapped receiver - independent of the barrel

installed. Then I'd plan to buy just a regular

Nova smoothbore barrel accessory to use

sometimes on this one Nova receiver-with-

scope. My thought is to install just the one

EOTECH permanently on the receiver for both

slug and shot.


Here is the question... Will this all work with no

hidden surprises?


Will the one special-for-slug-barrel fore-end also

support the smoothbore barrel? Or will I still

need to purchase a second

special-for-smoothbore fore-end to work with

the extra smoothbore barrel?


Hope this makes sense.


I think I am better off to avoid the

cantilevered barrel approach all together.


What is my best path here? Can I make all this

work out correctly with no need to modify

standard Benelli factory parts?


Thanks for your time.



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