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Ultra Light hard to find


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Just wondering how many of you guys have actually seen one of the Ultra Lights in person? I have called every dealer I can think of here in North Carolina, and most of them said that they have yet to see one. One dealer had one last week but promptly sold it. I sure hope they start showing up soon. Can't wait to get one.

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You will like it.

I've had mine for two months.

Bought it from a big gunstore in Virginia, Greentop near Richmond.


I ordered it and bought sight unseen.


I've used it for trap and backyard clays.

The recoil is nothing with target loads.

I shot a few pheasant loads and it does kick a little more with those.

No big deal though.


It's a nice small, slim, light weight gun.

My 13 year old nephew liked it so much that I didn't get to shoot clays with it at all during the week he was here visiting on spring break.


You will like the Ultra Light.

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JasonH im also in nc and ordered my nova through a gun shop called davis.

hears there link



I dought they will have the ultra light in stock but im almost sure they could special order you one.


I wasnt trilled with there costumer service but i go my gun in one peice so im happy with that. They hung up on my twice when i called to see if my nova came in and they said 2 weeks, 3 at the max and they called me to say it came in over a month later. In store they where very helpful though.

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