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  1. I don't get plastic in the barrel of my SBEII or my UltraLight. But the cryo chokes of both guns get plastic buildup. I use a bronze bore brush in an electric drill to clean the chokes. I use nothing more than a bore snake to clean the barrels. The chambers do build up a little crud around the forcing cone area. I do give that some hand action with one of those Hoppes Tornado brushes.
  2. Take a 12ga bronze bore brush and put it in an electric drill. Hold the choke in your hand and stick the brush inside. That's the only good way I've found to clean plastic out of the choke. I know you say it's metal plating that's coming off but at least try this method. I was fooled by the plastic. I thought it was plating coming off. At least give it a try.
  3. Does anyone know what the thread chaser/cleaner tool is for. I got the tool with one of my Benelli guns. Is it something you would want to use all the time to clean the threads? I wonder if it for chasing damaged threads? I really don't know. Anyone know what Benelli says?
  4. joe117

    new ultralight

    I've had mine for months. I must have gotten one of the first. I really like it. Everyone who sees it really likes it. I'ts going to be my dove gun from now on.
  5. You will like it. I've had mine for two months. Bought it from a big gunstore in Virginia, Greentop near Richmond. I ordered it and bought sight unseen. I've used it for trap and backyard clays. The recoil is nothing with target loads. I shot a few pheasant loads and it does kick a little more with those. No big deal though. It's a nice small, slim, light weight gun. My 13 year old nephew liked it so much that I didn't get to shoot clays with it at all during the week he was here visiting on spring break. You will like the Ultra Light.
  6. "I can usually get within 30 feet of most deer" What do you do, sneak up on them? Where I live, you need to keep real still and hope that a deer walks by. A scope isn't required, but have one on my 1100 and I wouldn't hunt without it.
  7. joe117

    Ultra Light

    I've got an UltraLight. I've had it a month now. I really like it. I've shot about 200 rounds of cheap WasMart "Sport Loads" at clays, and a handfull of field loads that I would hunt with just to see waht they felt like. With the clay loads there is no recoil that anyone would notice. The field loads give you some recoil but no more than my Franchi Alcione Titanium O/U. I'm thinking that your Ruger Gold SXS will feel about the same as the UL in recoil. And by the way, I really want to get a Ruger Gold SXS. It is a very cool shotgun. I don't think this is going to be t
  8. joe117


    With the same sort of loading, the SBEII will kick harder than a 10ga gas operated gun. If you start adding weight such as one of those mercury recoil reducers, you will reduce recoil. I wouldn't do that. If the recoil is a big deal to you, get one of those pads to go on your shoulder. And keep in mind, most hunters wear heavy jackets and such. And the really heavy loads don't get used for very many shots anyway. The SBEII with heavy loads is never going to be a light recoil gun. The gun is light and the action system doesn't do much to reduce recoil.
  9. Mine is not drilled either. But if it were drilled, the holes would be centered.
  10. I have a feeling that they will be able to send me a replacement when they do get some in stock. I'm not in a hurry, there's no need for them to pull one off another gun just to replace mine right away. She also mentioned that there were aftermarket pads available for the Ultra Light. I don't see how that can be true. The gun just came out. I didn't even know that there were replacement pads for the SBEII. I have dealt with Benelli CS one other time. The pad on my SBEII was falling off. It wouldn't stay in place. I was afraid it would come off and get lost. They did send
  11. I just talked to a very nice lady from Benelli CS on the phone. I asked about the butt pad on my new Ultra Light 12ga. The bottom corner broke off. She said that they might be able to send me a new pad. But the gun was so new that they might not have a new pad. She will check on that and call me back tomorrow. She said if they don't have one in stock, then I will have to send the gun back. They will then take the pad off another gun and send it back to me. I said, why not just send me the pad from another gun if you don't have the pads in stock. She said that if
  12. I just got off the phone with Benelli CS asking about my center bead offset. The nice lady said that it is supposed to be centered. She said I could send the barrel back. I told her that it wasn't that big a deal and that I wouldn't be sending it back. I just wanted to know if it was offset as some kind of adjustment. Again, she said no, it is supposed to be centered. So then I asked about the butt pad on my new Ultra Light 12ga. The bottom corner broke off. She said that they might be able to send me a new pad. But the gun was so new that they might not have a ne
  13. I am being honest about it not being a big deal. I really don't plan to send the barrel back, even if CS says I can do it. It's not a big deal.....Really. This whole flap started not because I had a question about the bead or that it was a big deal to me. I posted this question about the bead thinking that someone would say that it was a factory adjustment of some kind. I wasn't looking for an answer from CS through this forum. I emailed them before I brought it up here. But the first thing I got was a bunch of nonsense about me being a "nitpicker". The SBEII was the
  14. "How did I ever kill anything with that big ol' Raybar orange blob on my Ithaca 37's How 'bout that marsh-malo thing that comes on most Brownings It is a frickin' mirackle I ever kilt anything before joe117 rode in to save the day!" What are you talking about Mudhen? What has me pointing out that the mid bead is off center on my gun got to do with "marsh-malo" things? "Save the day"? That doesn't even make sense. You really think that what I posted about the mid bead being off center should not have been said? I wouldn't care if the gun came without a mid be
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