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stupid newbee question


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Just got my M1s90 and i need to break it in.


I purchased the some shells for this purpose but all the **** numbers have me confused, not sure if what i got is correct for the break in.


what i got was

Federal game loads

12 gauge, 23/4", 1oz, 31/4"Dram




After reading some posts i think i got it right but i just dont really know what i am doing.


just looking for some input




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The consensus for the SBEII owners is to break-in their shotguns using the heaviest loads during the first 100 rounds.


Since your M1 can shoot 3" shells, you can use Winchester Supreme High Velocity Turkey Loads at Max Dr. Eq. 1 3/4 oz. (That is Maximum amount of powder and 1 3/4 oz of shot/lead/load.)


In case you are wondering, according to Benelli's Troubleshoot website, your 12ga M1 lightest load recommended to shoot is 2 3/4 Dr. of powder and 1oz load.


Hope this helps you.


Regards threeshot

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Took the M1s90 out a few days ago for the first time.


boy thats a lot of fun, my first shotgun and i am hooked. I dont know how you guys shoot so many rounds in one trip, all my shoulder could handle was 50 rounds.


I noticed the faster you shoot the less time you have to think about how much it hurt smile.gif


time to get the mag ext this weekend, i love this gun


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It was 3" Win high velocity 11/8oz ... thats all i can recall. Oh yeah it was steel shot.


This was the closest i could find at the gun shop to your recomentation in your post. I didnt have any problems with them at all, they worked perfectly.


I went to the desert with friends, we set up our own targets. We were mainly there to shoot our M1s and pistols, but i had to fire my benelli smile.gif




[ 11-01-2004, 10:23 PM: Message edited by: AndyinSoCAL ]

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You did better than I could with my SBEII. I could only shoot 40 shells of the Winchester Supreme Double X Magnum Turkey Loads.


If I remember correctly, my shoulder started hurting at 20 shells of the Winchester Supreme Double X Magnum Turkey Loads. Those last rounds out of the 40 shots were just pure determination.


Out in the desert being able to shot your own targets (watermelons, etc). Boy you did have fun. I was limited to the indoor range and paper targets.


Now I am shooting sporting clays using Dove/Quail loads. Boy is that fun!


Glad you are enjoying your M1. :cool:


Regards threeshot

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