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  1. If its legal in CA i am sure its legal in CO. Andy I know for a fact its legal to add the 4 shot ext in CA to the M1s90.
  2. I agree with Agent smith I was given a +2 mag extension for my M1 and was told it was legal to install now. This coming from a multiple 3gun champ i am guessing he knows CA law because he lives here. He wouldnt risk his reputation if it was unlawfull for me to install it. infact i am installing it after i typle this Andy [ 11-07-2004, 02:20 PM: Message edited by: AndyinSoCAL ]
  3. I bought my last benelli! Andy I think you got your response ealier in the thread, benelli has made a choice and its not to help M1014 owners.
  4. It was 3" Win high velocity 11/8oz ... thats all i can recall. Oh yeah it was steel shot. This was the closest i could find at the gun shop to your recomentation in your post. I didnt have any problems with them at all, they worked perfectly. I went to the desert with friends, we set up our own targets. We were mainly there to shoot our M1s and pistols, but i had to fire my benelli Andy [ 11-01-2004, 10:23 PM: Message edited by: AndyinSoCAL ]
  5. Took the M1s90 out a few days ago for the first time. boy thats a lot of fun, my first shotgun and i am hooked. I dont know how you guys shoot so many rounds in one trip, all my shoulder could handle was 50 rounds. I noticed the faster you shoot the less time you have to think about how much it hurt time to get the mag ext this weekend, i love this gun Andy
  6. that helps thank you Back to the store i go to get some heavier loads. Andy
  7. Just got my M1s90 and i need to break it in. I purchased the some shells for this purpose but all the **** numbers have me confused, not sure if what i got is correct for the break in. what i got was Federal game loads 12 gauge, 23/4", 1oz, 31/4"Dram lead 100rounds After reading some posts i think i got it right but i just dont really know what i am doing. just looking for some input thx Andy
  8. who pee'd in your cornflakes dude. I think his main gripe was that his brand new gun broke. I would be a little pissed off too if my gun broke on its first day at the range. Also, what has soured this situation is benellis response, which i am sure has made the Stevenb a bit more upset. Its not that hard to pick up a phone or send a letter with the new part expressing an apology and prompt replacement, which he got neither. Benelli did replace the part and that is the bottom line, but i can understand Stevenb's attitude and i am sure if this was wallhangers gun he would have posted his displeasure also. Andy
  9. Waterworks I also have the M1 and have been waiting for Benelli to upload the manuals. I still cant beleive they have not got them up yet. If you could pls send me the PDF or link to one i would be greatfull. thx Andy
  10. Looks like pretty compelling evidence to me. We been bamboozled! Andy
  11. After seriuosly considering buying the M1014 i feel glad i didnt now. I would be pretty **** pissed if i spent the $ on the M1014 and i couldnt put on the Collapsible stock. That stock was a big part of the draw to that gun for me. It looks sharp without it, but with it the **** thing is purdy beyong words. I really feel for my Benelli brothers who own this model and are getting screwed. Hopefully Benelli will address this issue for all the M1014 owners. I like the Benelli, but i wont be buying a M1014 unless they resolve the FUBAR. Andy
  12. Thx lock Mine looks just like yours minus the mag ext, i will fix that this weekend i cant wait to shoot it, going to the desert with some buddies pretty soon to break it in. I have a G21 i need to shoot still too. Ben gay huh, i will pick up a tube, they sell that next to the cases of magnums right ?
  13. I never owned a shotgun before, was going to get the M1014 but i got a M1S90. hey its still a benelli and i love it! just couldnt justify the $ for the M1014 but more so i got the M1 because it was my first shotgun, no point getting a cadilac if i cant drive so to speak. That and i wanted a new G21 too Andy
  14. Maybe after the election depending who is in office we may get them. They sure would sell fast huh Andy
  15. Benelli doesnt want to release the colaspible stocks to the public, hence the LEO ( Law Enforcement Only). They do know about the ban ending but as a company it would appear they have deceided not to change thier policy. Someone else wrote benelli on the forum and the reply was also LEO. andy
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