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  1. Bump, to see if there is an update.
  2. Nice. I don't use a safety. Being a lefty it isn't convient. I just keep the gun in Cond III until ready to use.
  3. M4Madness, They didn't get the letter.
  4. It's a weekday, so I guess I'll bump. I'm tempted to sell the Benelli to buy a Saiga-12. There are US parts kits out there, so you can have a naughty version. And there are 8 round mags out there to be had. It's soooo tempting.
  5. Benelli has stated publically that buying the LE version of the M4 and putting the telestock on was legal. Well maybe they didn't say it was legal, but they did tell us how to get a telestock and what versions of the M4 it would work on. A member here wrote the ATF for confirmation. The ATF said it was illegal. Benelli could have dropped it there, but they asked for a faxed copy of the letter. The member faxed the copy. And we are here because Benelli hasn't gotten back to us. This affects them as much as it does us because it determines which versions of the M4 can be imported. The
  6. Bumped to get attention to this.
  7. Benelli, it is a new week. What's the word?
  8. Benelli has M4's letter, so what is the reaction BenelliUSA?
  9. M4, Has Benelli figured this out yet?
  10. dport, you almost sound like you WANT this to happen. That is rank speculation on your part , unless you know something we don't. What "already prohibited shotgun"??? The statute says "identical". Not "substantially similar" or "functionally equivalent." Am I being overly optimistic here, or are you being overly pessimistic? I cannot find a single piece of information that would suggest that the M4/M1014 has ever been characterized as non-sporting, But, even if ATF were to make such a ridiculous determination tomorrow, it would not predate either the importation or modification of
  11. I think what is going to happen is an M4 with a telestock or an extended magazine is going to be identical in configuration to an already prohibited shotgun and denied thusly.
  12. If it was legal wouldn't Benelli be importing the USMC version already? 5Shot, You can play word games with it all you want, but .gov has a **** of a lot more resources than you to throw into any legal proceeding.
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