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Wierd SBE jamming problem


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I have a SBE that I have had for 3 years with no problems. Suddenly I have had multiple jams. I am shooting 3.5" federal heavy-weight shot with the new wads. Anyway, the spent shell ejects fine, but the new shell comes out of the magazine and does not go into the chamber. The bolts closes and when I try to manually pull the bolt back, it does not seem to go back far enough to allow the shell into the chamber. I have to spend several minutes turning the gun muzzle down, shaking the snot out of it, sliding a key into the groove on the bottom of the shell director (whatever it's called) and trying to push the shell back into the magazine, etc. It finally comes out but I hate having a $1200 single shot.


This happens when I'm unloading also. Sometimes they cycle just fine.


I will take it to a dealer, but this is a wierd deal and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions.

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