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  1. I have a SBE that I have had for 3 years with no problems. Suddenly I have had multiple jams. I am shooting 3.5" federal heavy-weight shot with the new wads. Anyway, the spent shell ejects fine, but the new shell comes out of the magazine and does not go into the chamber. The bolts closes and when I try to manually pull the bolt back, it does not seem to go back far enough to allow the shell into the chamber. I have to spend several minutes turning the gun muzzle down, shaking the snot out of it, sliding a key into the groove on the bottom of the shell director (whatever it's called) and tryin
  2. Oops,..these are 3". They don't sell 3.5"
  3. http://www.mackspw.com/item.asp-im-FEDPHT193+5-d-Federal_Premium_Ammo_Mag_Shock_Turkey_Load I just found this. $21.99 is much more palatable.
  4. For me the difference between the Federal and Remington HeviShots was huge in favor of the Federal. The unbelievable price makes it a little hard to run through a lot at the range. $34.99 for 10!
  5. As I went through my pre-season patterning session I ran into a head-scratcher. I shot my normal setup of Winchester Supreme 3.5" 5 shot through my .650 choke at 25 yards. As usual a nice even, consistent pattern. I then experimented with Hevi shot for the first time. For some reason I had horrible results with the Remington Hevishot. Regardless of choke tube. However, the new Federal Premium Mag Shock "Heavyweight Shot" had interesting results. I ended up with my stock Steel IC tube as the best for this load. Here's what puzzled me...My pattern seemed to have less pellets in the pattern, but
  6. 69beers-I would say it depends on the turkeys. First if you have a wound up gobbler who is roosted with no hens,..he will go up a hill, under a fence, and walk through a creek or fly over a river to get to a "receptive" hen (you). Otherwise the turkeys seem to be consistent when they are undisturbed. If you pay attention you will notice they may have a pattern of flying down into the timber, and then working into the field later in the day. Whatever they normally tend to do, you should set up where they usually like to go. One other thing you may notice,...sometimes it seems like they go
  7. Tucker, I got it from a local Benelli dealer. I can give you his number if you would like. Or just to double check, you may call your dealer and have him punch in the number and see if it is active in his system. It is new.
  8. Tucker, there seems to be a lot of confusion here, so I may be wrong. However MY personal theory is this. The whole pistol grip stock thing started with the tactical shotguns. They just camo'd that stock and bolted it to the SBE's and it became very popular. There is now a steady grip stock that will fit the SBE II but you would be losing out on their new ComforTech stock technology. My theory aside, the SBE camo steady-grip stock is part no. 80039P The SBE II camo steady-grip stock is part no. 83160. They are both $149 Good luck Caduceus. BTW, are you a physician?
  9. Yes, the black is $99 and the camo is $150.
  10. Gee nice comeback! Yep everybody in Tennessee sings country western. You got me good! You must be ashamed of your state since you refused to list it. ppffftttt. What a credit to the boards you are. I would continue this meaningful, intellectual banter, but I am sure anybody reading these posts would rather get back to talking about Benelli issues.
  11. I appreciate sarcasm as much as the next guy. Mudhens sarcasm wasn't blatantly obvious. I just think you were a jerk to Teambenelli. Speaking of obvious, I figured it was obvious that I modified your dictionary assignment to keep it from getting ****** out. I'll help you with out with the super-secret code I used. Replace the two z's at the end of smartazz with two s's. Type that into your dictionary and I think you'll get my point. Maybe not though. You weren't sharp enough to understand my modification.
  12. Blaino yes the SBE II is tapped for scope mounting. As far as turkey chokes there is an almost infinite number of choices. I bought a ported choke tube from ballistic specialties. They are listed as angleport.com.
  13. Hey Tucker,...how can you be sure Mudhen was using sarcasm, and if he was, how was Team Benelli supposed to know? Why don't you look up the definition of a smartazz?
  14. This is a question to Nelligirl, but I feel it may help others. I have a SBE camo that is the green realtree pattern. I have been extremely anxious to get the pistol grip stock. I was recently at the NWTF National convention. The Benelli guy there said the camo version of these stocks are now available for $150. I went to my local dealer to order one. First he denied that they were available. After checking he found he could order one but it would not match my camo pattern. I am also getting my gun tapped for a scope mount. So it seems like I am doing all of these mods which are now standard o
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