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Where can I get a Benelli R1 ComforTech in Europe


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In Europe, the rifle is called the Argo or Argo Special.


The listed dealer for Slovakia:


8Nam, SNP -



Tel: 00421 48 4125110

Fax: 00421 48 4125905

[email protected]



If you cannot find one through them, other European dealers are listed on the

Benelli Italy website.


As an expensive last resort, you could purchase the gun from a US dealer or online seller, have it transferred to an import export dealer, and shipped to you.

Click Here for an epic discussion on that subject.


Good luck in locating and buying your new rifle!

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Hi tucker301,


Thanks for your information, I'll already check many European distributors but it seems that it is a US model only.


I send an email to Benelli in Italy (Italy is just a few hours drive from here), sometime strange that guns produced in Europe are cheaper in the US than localy.


A couple months ago acquire a Mannlicher Pro Hunter (Made in Austria and we have a common border with Austria) and pay 30% more than prices in US. Extreme precise rifle, shoot 3 bullets at 100 meters making one hole of 12 milimeter in 300 WM.




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No answer from Benelly Italy :confused:


Local distrubutor just have the classic model and say it is imposible to get the R1 ConforTech :(


I really don't no if I will buy the classic one, I normaly buy only guns with synthetic stock.



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