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M4 Bolt Problems

Texas M3&4

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Howdy guys & gals,


New name old floater here. Anyway I've read some of the post of the M4 and the bolt failures. Well mine went out on me. The gas piston mushed the left side bolt face that it is deformed and is jamming the bolt against the rails and now is inoperative. The post I've read are several months old and never saw if Benelli came to a concolusion, or repair/replacement of the bolt. Thanks for any info or feedback. How about a number to call Benelli support?

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Thanks. I guess I should have clicked the "Contact Us" in the Benelli home page. Also spoke to a customer service person. She said working for Benelli for 3 years she has never heard of a bolt problem with the M4s. I said you need to do a search on your Forums under M4 bolts and you will see plenty.

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This is all news to me, but then I haven't been cruising the Benelli forums lately. I almost bought an M4 a few days ago and now I'm thinking maybe it's a good thing I didn't. It's disturbing to hear about these problems.

Can someone explain to me the reason why there are 2-port and 4-port barrels? Do you have a choice as to which you get? Is it necessary to use a 4-port barrel for reduced recoil loads to function reliably?

The M1 has proven to be super durable over the years, even with many, many thousands of rounds through them and I thought the M4 was supposed to be at least as durable. Maybe it is and these are rare cases, but hearing about this really shakes my confidence in this model.

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