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Technical differences between Cordoba and Supersport


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I'm trying to find out more detailed info on various Benelli shotguns. My basic question is this: other than cosmetics, what are the differences between the Cordoba and the Supersport?


Basically, I'm a novice shooter looking for a trap gun that I can also take out into the woods. I've ruled out the SBE II because I'd rather have the ability to use lightweight loads vs 3.5" shot. I have to admit I really like the "futuristic" look of the SS (esp the graphite overlay on the stock), but the shiny reciever may not be the most practical choice in the bush.


I've reviewed the Benelli website, as well as this forum, and the differences are not readily apparent.


Thanks in advance for any info you can offer...

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Tucker301, thanks for the reply. Good catch on the min recommended load. In fact it appears all the key specs appear the same. Cordoba and SS appear to be the same gun, except for the cosmetic differences. But the on-line specs are pretty limited...


Thanks again.



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