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SBE question


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First off, I'm new to the forum but I'm a long time Benelli owner. I've been impressed by the quality of your forums, nice to see a decent group of people. I hope I can continue to frequent the site.


To my question.


As of the last 5-6 boxes of shell that I've put through my SBE the ejection of the spent hull has been getting weaker and weaker. To the point that the last time i went out I couldn't get one spend shell to eject without my grabbing and removing it by hand.


Thinking that the rounds were to weak (I was using El-cheapo federal target loads) I grabbed a box of 3" super-Xs and had the same problem.


I've been told that it's probably the extractor spring but I thought I would see if anyone here had any suggestions before I haul it off to the armorer.

One thing I've noticed is that the extractor is a LITTLE bit nubby on one side (I've got probably 5,000 rnds through the gun) and maybe that's it...


Anyway, any suggestions or comments would be great, including where I can just order a new extractor from benelli (or would I have to get a whole new bolt?? )


Thx guys, great forum.

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One answer could be that it just needs a good cleaning and oiling. You can change the attitude of the ol beast just by making sure you have a good oil in the recoil assembly and on the bolt rails. Not enough oil will make the action sluggish and reduce the speed of bolt travel therefore affecting ejection. Just take the bolt out of the rails and use a cleaning rod to push the plunger down into the recoil tube and drip some oil (Break Free, Militec etc.) onto the wall of the tube (don't be stingy with it, but don't drown it). Then work the plunger up and down to work it in. Also, make sure the ejector is still there. Or the ejector spring may be weak or broken and not have enough pressure to eject the shell. Ive not seen many extractor failures but ejectors are another thing. But no matter how old the gun is, Benelli will fix a broken ejector under warranty.

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