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  1. Good article. THat scope mount is amazing!
  2. Ahhh, I started on a 10 ga when I was 12, he'll be fine I teach scouts and I've had the 12 year olds out shooting my SBE, the 3.5''s are a little much but they still like them hahaha. I think he'll be fine with an inertial driven 20 gauge, good gun to start on. Lucky kid....
  3. You will be impressed. Go to the range and practice getting five shots off before the first cartidge hits the ground
  4. You'd have one sore arm after a day of 3.5'' lead shooting... If you're shooting lead I can't see why you'd want anything bigger than a 3''. It's when you're shooting steel and you can hear the shot hitting feathers and the geese are still flying, than it's nice to have the extra load.
  5. Being able to say it's 'unfired' is pretty cool man. I gotta go with tucker on this one, it'll be instant regret after you pull the trigger. It's a shotgun, you've shot them before
  6. Go to the Benelli home page and watch Knapp shoot 10 hand tossed
  7. Gonna send'em all to Florida
  8. Hmmm, I don't know about public access. My cousin owns a few acres east of Pocatello and we used to get geese in there. If you are willing to drive a bit. American Falls Reservour!! I've never seen more geese in my life. There are a lot of cool farmers up there that will let you hunt if you ask nicely Find one with land bordering the lake, you'll have so many flocks coming in that when you decide to take one you'll scare off 2 others that were incoming.. I'll see if my cousin doesn't know of any public hunting spots closer to Idaho Falls.
  9. That's what I was thinking. My SBE is an h&k import and it does not do what you are talking about. But it's pretty fast just to throw a shell in the open bolt and hit the release, are you sure your friend wasn't just doing that very quickly? [ 08-29-2005, 09:39 PM: Message edited by: r-teej ]
  10. Cool, I went to ISU for a couple of years in Poky. I'm jealous of the outrageous goose hunting you're going to be able to do this winter.
  11. r-teej

    SBE question

    First off, I'm new to the forum but I'm a long time Benelli owner. I've been impressed by the quality of your forums, nice to see a decent group of people. I hope I can continue to frequent the site. To my question. As of the last 5-6 boxes of shell that I've put through my SBE the ejection of the spent hull has been getting weaker and weaker. To the point that the last time i went out I couldn't get one spend shell to eject without my grabbing and removing it by hand. Thinking that the rounds were to weak (I was using El-cheapo federal target loads) I grabbed a box of 3" sup
  12. depends on how much of a wuss you are. J/K I've had a sbe for 8 years, shooting 3.5"s and super-x 3" shells and I've never had anything more than a slightly sore shoulder after a day of hunting (other than the times I've pulled up too fast on geese and rested on my bicept and pulled the trigger ) If you're really going to be putting shells through your gun, I'd say go for it. From what I've seen it helps keep the muzzle down and can really improve your 'back-on-target' time.
  13. Hahaha, been there. I ask myself that all that time Nice job on the wasp @ 125 yards, man I love doing that kind of stuff. And I'm drooling all over my keyboard right now for a new Leapold to put on my M77 .270. They are so bright and clear, obviously since you plinked a wasp. If you don't mind my asking, where did you get the scope and what did you pay for it? I've seen a few online and I'm debating whether to pay the extra at the store or have one sent to me.... Thx
  14. Here's how I do it for ducks (you mentioned ducks). I usually don't use 3.5'' for ducks at all. I keep them for geese for the added steel. IF I use a 3.5'' when I'm duck hunting I throw it in as the last round so that I shoot two 3'' and follow up with a 3.5''. That will extend the life of that 'expensive' box of 3.5'' ammo. But, if you are going goose hunting or turkey hunting than the 3.5'' is really worth the extra price.
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