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Just bought a SBE II, and I have a Question


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First of all, I have not even shot the new gun. I'm like a kid the night before Christmas, where the anticipation is killing me.

Anyway, I brought the gun home, and went through the assembly process as instructed in the manual. Easy enough.

My question is this... after putting the gun together, with the action open, if you tilt the gun upside down, and then right side up, I can hear a slight rattle. Is this normal? NOTE: it doesn not make this sound with action in the closed (forward) position.


Thanks in advance for answering what may seem to be a stupid question. I just want to make sure there is nothing wrong with my new purchase..




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The rattle is normal.


Make sure you have completely removed any heavy grease from the weapon and that it is properly lubed.


Your manual should also mention that the gun requires a break-in period to insure proper operation.

Don't go out tomorrow with a box or two of target loads and be disappointed.


Feed the SBEII a proper diet of heavy field loads and let her do what she was designed to do :D

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One other thing to watch for on Inertia guns.

Make sure the bolt is fully closed when loading.

This is not an issue when letting the bolt slam closed by pressing the release button.


But if you're in the blinds, and need to switch to BBB's because Canadas are circling, make sure that you push the bolt all the way forward after switching loads quietly.

If you don't, those Canadas are going to leave there sounding more like laughing gulls.

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