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Shell Catcher


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Tommorow I'll be picking up the Benelli Sport II I have just purchased, I'll be using it for trap and sporting clay. To my dismay I can not find a shell catcher to fit this gun !!! :confused: . Any ideas , thoughts and solutions are welcome.

It would be verry boring to have to pick up hundreds of empty hulls after every round.

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An answer to myself and anyone who is interested.

T & S makes them, http://www.tandsshellcatcher.com/prod01.htm

And here is how it works :

"* Due to the limited demand for this model it is made from a modified TS-AL2 Shell Catcher and requires a small notch in the bottom of the bolt handle to clear the Shell Catcher as it operates. The notch is 0.040" deep and almost invisible when the bolt handle is installed. The cost of the bolt handle is rather expensive and therefore the only way we can offer this model is to have the consumer send their bolt handle to T&S Industries, Inc. for exchange. The handle should be sent in a package that will arrive safely. Insurance is recommended. Due to the custom nature of the model please allow up to three weeks for delivery. T&S Industries, Inc. reserves the right to not exchange bolt handles that are not in excellent condition. We cannot exchange or modify the completely ROUND Benelli Bolt Handles for use with a T&S Shell Catcher. Camo painted bolt handles have been discontinued and we do not have any available for exchange, therefore, it may take 3-4 weeks for modification of your bolt handle."

Hope this helps those of us who dont want to bend over... tongue.gif

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