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Nova Ejection


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I am pretty upset with my nova, this summer i took it to the range and fired 4 rounds through the slug barrel and the gun would not eject the last shell, i was using brenekke 2 3/4 slugs, so this deer season i took the bird barrel with me and used winchester 3 inch mag slugs for it, a deer came running past about 60 yards out and i took four shots and hit the deer 3 times all were very clean shots right behind the shoulder, But as the deer crashed into brush and bramble and i was about to shoot again, the gun jammed and i had to get the shell out of the gun by jamming the butt into a tree while holding the action release and pumping the gun. Is this typical break in for a new barrel? As of right now i am ready to take the gun back, but was looking for some in-put, any advice will help

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