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Favorite Shell size in SBE II


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I want know about one thing about the SBE II below:


The Super Black Eagle II


BNL 10101


SBE II 28" Comfor-Tech MAX-4.


Me a regular user of Shells 12-Guage size 2 ¾(inches) I don’t like 3 (inches) sells. I know that in the above SBE II, I can use 2 ¾ (inches), 3 (inches), 3 ½ (inches) all these sizes of Shells.


And I don’t want to use the 3 (inches), 3 ½ (inches) Shells regularly. My regular Shell size is 2 ¾.


But on the Benelli’s web site, it is clearly written that “minimum recommended load, use 3-dram 1 3/8 oz loads in all Benelli 12-ga. Semi-auto shotguns”. What is this means? I need explanation?


Now let me know if I use 12-Guage size 2 ¾(inches) in SBE II (above Gun), then what will happen? Is it fit to my requirement?


And I can use 12-Guage size 2 ¾(inches) in SBE II (above Gun)?


Reply me soonest.





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I doubt its 1-3/8 oz. thats a pretty heavy load, I'm pretty sure its 1-1/8. that refers to the weight of the shot in the shell.


my sbe have shot more 3" than 2-3/4" but they all work fine if they are at least 1-1/8 oz. loads. anything below 1-1/8 oz. get a bit light and may not cycle the action.

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