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M2 Tacstar sidesaddle/ Will M1 4 Shot EXT Fit


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I'm looking to purchase an M2 with the pistol grip stock, night sites, and surefire forearm light, I have heard that you can't put the sidesaddles from tacstar on the Benelli M2 or it will malfunction, is this true? Thanks to everyone in advance!


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hey man ,,notice your from Saturn too,,cool,,,,now about the side saddle'''''''it will go on,,just don't tighten the snot out of the nut and bolt that go through the reciever or you will compress the reciever where it will not operate properly,,in other words care is too be taken when installing the item.............M1014 ;)

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there is no reason to go chopping up nuts an bolts :confused: :confused: the Tac Star side saddle hardware will be just fine ,,get the side saddle for your name brand weapon,,when I say snug,,,the rest is up to you,, ;) ;) call up the Benelli service dept. and ask about the mag extension fit----------))))))))M1014(((((((((((

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