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Supersport short LOP recoil pad availability


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Just was notified by brownells that it is a 5-6 month wait to get a 14" short LOP gel recoil pad for the supersport. I own 2 and am really disapointed if this is truely the case. I called benelli and they told me to call brownells, so nobody has this part?


I am amazed that this model has this type of distribution problem. Please someone tell me it 'aint true.


:mad: A previously very happy multiple benelli owner....

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Sorry - that's just the way it is in this business!


Everything about the Supersport and Sport II has been a long wait. At least you will eventually have a pre-fit pad!


Oddly, Beretta is amazingly complete with their selection of pre-fit gel pads. You would think Benelli would get at least some step-child scraps. Thank goodness Sims has at least one pre-fit recoil pad for most Benellis.


Browning is the absolute worst for shotgun accessories. I own two Browing Gold Hunters that have NO pre-fit recoil pad available from ANY manufacturer, much less a gel-pad.


Browning's catalog shows a Hi-Viz that you have to have ground to fit!!!!


Grind to fit here in Cali is a $100+ deal that takes several months if your are lucky.


Sorry you are so unhappy with Benelli - maybe you should think about switching to Beretta? - they have an amazing selection of accessories - their 2004 catalog is simply stunning....


mudhen - CA

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