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Hevi-steel wont cycle


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I tried a box of the hevisteel by Hevishot and it would not fully cycle the round out of the magazine after firing the one in the chamber.


Called Hevishot from the pit in AR and spoke with a very nice lady that informed me that the shells were made to the upper end of the samsi specs and the beretta/benelli guns were made at the other end of the specs. So, currently the shells will not cycle in the guns as they are a tad too long. They will fire and eject the spent hull.

She offered to send me some replacement hevishot.

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I wouldnt waste time with Hevi-Steel. I bought some 3" 1 1/8 32 and #4's. A store in Bridgeport, AL had some in stock.

Could not get decent patterns thru a SBE II or a BPS.

It was also some of the dirtiest ammo, I ever seen. Pure blackpower isnt too far behind.

No problems with ejections, however I think money is better spent on other shot shells.


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