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M4 11707 Short Stock


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Does anyone know where I can find a shorter stock for my M4? I'd like as short a stock as possible that still contains the recoil tube and has a pistol grip. The powers at be say I can't have a collapsible stock, so I'm need something fixed.

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We have one. Here's what we did:


First, with the stock on the weapon, we filled the back of the stock with Bondo. After it hardened, we removed the stock and took it to our local gunsmith. For $85, he cut 2" (I think) off the stock and ground on a very nice butt pad. It looks factory and feels a lot better.


The purpose of the Bondo is so the wood screws used to attach the new butt pad having something to bite into. Once the Bondo was hard, the gunsmith could treat it like any wooden stock job.

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