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M2: Trouble removing shells from magazine


M2: Trouble removing shells from magazine by finger method?  

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  1. 1. M2: Trouble removing shells from magazine by finger method?

    • I am able to remove shells without difficulty by releasing the carrier latch with my finger
    • I am NOT able to remove shells without difficulty, or cannot remove them at all with my finger

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Yes to the question, but only with Estate Cartridge Heavy Game Loads, #6 shot; 3 and one quarter dram powder with 1 and one eight shot charge. Noticed the other day a difficulty feeding into the receiver, but not with the other shells. I'm still experimenting......do not attribute the problem to the gun but to the shells: they seem to have a "burred" head. Only happened to me once, though. Just F.Y.I.

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Thanks, stu-- The M2 that I own cycles shells up nicely from the magazine if I use the cartridge drop lever (on the trigger guard) regardless of brand, but will resist all but the mightiest effort to release any and all brand of shells from the mag by pressing on the carrier latch with a finger-- as is supposed to be an option for removing shells from an M2.


I'm on a mission to find out how prevalent a problem this is. So far the poll is pretty even so there is no obvious conclusion thus far from that-- take care! Bill

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