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some m1 super 90 tactial questions


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Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this. A year or two ago I had bought a used m1 super 90 tactical 18" barrel, ghost ring sights, ext mag tube, I think thats all thats important. I was told it had less then 100 rounds through it. Its probably true it looked almost new. Last year was the first time I took it out. I shot about 25rounds of 1 1/4oz loads. Worked flawlessly. 1oz loads jammed it. This past weekend was the first time I got to really shot it. We went out shooting clays. I was using 1 1/8 oz #8 shot. It seemed to work on and off. It always ejected a round and it never jammed. But it didnt always load a new one. Is this a cleaning or lack of lubrecant problem? I dont even use the mercurey recoil supressor for fear it will make the gun require even heavyer (there for more costly) loads. I shot about 369 rounds that day. Its deffintly fun.


thats my main question. I have a few others though too. First of all with the ghost ring sights can I get the tritium ones offerd by benelli and just drop them in as adirect replacement?


I want to try to sight it in. I know its a shotgun but when I got it the rear sight was way off to the left. I thought about getting some slugs to try to get it close. Is this a good idea? and do I need to remove the choke to shoot slugs?


I enjoy shooting clays for fun. we go out to a field and toss some up and just unload on them. Its why I love this gun I can put alot of pellets in the air in short order and miss every time! :D I was useding a modified choke. With the 18.5" barrel should I be useing a diffrent choke for trap shooting? I think i missed every single time with this gun where as a beretta 391? 26" barrel and I forget what choke I hit about %50.


Lastly. more is better. I have an extended mag tube thats about 1/2inch short of the 18.5" barrel. I can only fit 6shells in it. im only a hair away from getting 7 in but it just wont go. Does anyone know what ext mag tube this is? 2 or 4 or however they count it. Also can I put a longer one on or will the shot hit it comming out of the barrel.


Sorry about all the questions. I guess I built up quite a few while stareing at it over the years. Thank you all in advance for your time and help.

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If you've NEVER lubed the gun, then give it a try and see if that helps your feeding prob. If not, switch back to the heavier load. The most common feeding probs I see is with people trying to feed their gun the cheapest (Wal-Mart) stuff they can get.

You can get the Meprolight tritium replacements for your ghost rings. Be advised, there's supposedly two different types available for earlier and later models.

I'd use slugs to sight it in with no more constriction that an IC.

As for hitting better with the Beretta, it just may "fit" you better than the Benelli. It all comes down to how the gun fits and throws up to your shoulder.

I doubt if you'll hit the end of the mag extension.

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Are walmart rounds. Federal/remmington and all that come in the 100pack really crap? As it happens to be thats what I was shooting. Looks exactly like the box I got from the gun shop. However I cant afford to shoot the ammo from the gun store. I was considering reloading but im not sure how expensive it would be to reload #8 1 1/4 oz.

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Well I just got back from the gun store. The owner's son said he and his father have no problem shooting 1oz 3dram loads out of there benellis. I was shooting 1 1/8oz 3dram loads. i'm going to try cleaning it and soaking it in oil. I know my beretta 92 for the first 1000rounds would jam up quite a bit unless it was gushing oil. Works flawlessly now though.

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