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Cleaning SBE II


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I would.


If nothing else, it will help you get to know the inner workings of your gun.


Here's what I'd do:

-Yank out bolt handle

-Remove barrel and clean

-Slide out bolt assembly

-Holding your thumb over the rear of the firing pin, take out the side-pin (make sure you hold your finger over the firing pin...or at least don't have the thing pointed at your face)

-Remove rotating bolt head, firing pin, and inertia spring from bolt

-Apply a light (1-2 drops) coating of oil to inside of bolt where spring goes

-Apply 1 drop of oil to spring & firing pin

-Assemble bolt

-Apply 1 drop of oil to the "cup" that the bar attached to the bolt sits in

-Apply 1 drop of oil to the various trigger springs

-Assemble rest of gun

-Shoot and enjoy


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