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Chief 79

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I bought my SBE in Sept, 04. It came with 3 shims. Has anyone had any experience with changing the shims. I understand the process is easy, but, how do you measure the proper fit?


In the accessories page of the web site there are shim kit ComforTech & Standard kits, but both state for use with ComforTech butts. Is this a type? Am I limited to the shims which came with my gun?




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The process of changing the shims is easy, but the process of determining which drop at the comb is best will take some experimentation. Follow the direction for removing the stock and keep the cast orientation the same. ( right handed or left handed.) The higher letters in the alphabet give you the highest comb height which in turns raises the point of impact.

Your shooting style, the shape of your face, and the distance between your eye and your cheek bone will determine where to set the comb height. From my experience, it seems that the SBE 2 shoots pretty flat with the factory installed shim. That's why I changed mine.

I like very little drop at the comb, so I used the "z" designated shim. The gun shoots a little high now, and that's what I like. You'll need to pattern your gun to determine if you want to change it.

I don't know if the extra shims shown in the advertising brochures give more options, but I figured "z" would probably be the least comb drop possible on my SBE 2. I also don't know if the shim kits are specific to Comfort Tech stocks.


Hope this helps,



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Thanks for your input Guy. I was thinking it was a trial & error experiment. I guess I have to plan some time at the range to really get the feel of the adjustments to decide which to use. I had a Rem 870 and could kill birds pretty consistently. I'm going to try to match the measurements of that gun with the SBE. Hopefully, I can find something close. The shim kit with the SBE only came with A, B, & C, but the manual give the specs for each shim. I did change it once & it is easy, now I need to see how each setting works.


Thanks again!


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