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barrell length vs ballistics


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Well I guess I will start the big fight...


There will be no noticable difference in your shot string or pattern from going from a 24 to a 28 inch barrel with the same choke.

It used to be you needed more tube to burn all the shotshell powder, therefore back in the day a 24 inch barrel shot slower than a 28 inch barrel which effected things.


That being said, there may be a PHYSICAL difference between the 24 inch barrel and the new 28 that might effect the pattern slightly, but the result is not from a length change; more likely different forcing cone lengths, and differences in the manufacturing process.

( My montefeltro and my beretta both with the same modified choke and 28 inch barrels shoot different patterns, the beretta was tighter)


All things being equal your shotstring is effect by the velocity, forcing cone, and choke. Steel shoots a tighter pattern in both string length and pattern since it isn't deformed by the compression in the forcing cone or choke. Benelli claims that by crio treating their barrels that can get a little denser patterns ( 13%) due to predictable barrel harmonics, a slicker surface, and the extended crio chokes. ( I think it has more to do with the extendable choke than the crio treatment but thats just me)


What you may find with the barrel length change is its easier to hit targets a little further away because of the increased sight plane of the 28" barrel... Do not confuse this possible increase in accuracy with a change in the shot string.



Anyways, a lot of people may cry BS, especially those from the old school so expect to hear different opinions..


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