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  1. You don't see these barrels for sale much so I thought I would share. http://cgi.ebay.com/Benelli-Factory-Crio-Barrel-with-5-Crio-Chokes_W0QQitemZ7231825053QQcategoryZ73955QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Sorry to hear about the troubles guys. Sounds like these were new guns, and there are two critical factors for benelli owners on a new gun. *First, the gun is assembled with assembly lubricants and not operating lubricants. The assembly lubricant is designed to prevent corosion and to allow the gun to sit on the shelf ( of course we all know benelli's dont sit on the shelf long ) ) You need to strip the gun and clean the assembly lubricant from all opertional componants. One of the biggest culprits is the recoil tube assembly in the stock. A new gun is going to have a fairly
  3. Well, yeah.... There are several professional grade chokes available for the Super Sport in Skeet, Skeet2 as well as every other standard constriction. If you are professional shooter and only spending $1500 on a gun you would know straight up that you are going to be buying professional grade AM chokes, to even suggest otherwise is well.. not the smartest assumption... I own the Super Sport and have no problem using the factory chokes including full without problem; but I know the patterns my gun produces with the various chokes and shot sizes to use it with fair precision. I
  4. All items sold. Thanks! -cr [ 02-18-2006, 07:03 PM: Message edited by: Coloradoryan ]
  5. Memphis, either gun is an excellent choice. If it were me purchasing one of these two offerings for an elderly guy for waterfowl I would choose the M2 with comfortech. The comfortech stock does offer slightly less recoil than wood stocked versions with magnum loads and of course stands up better than wood in waterfowl conditions. The simplicity in cleaning, and maintaining the Benelli is far easier as well.
  6. Providing you are measuring correctly .627 is overbored. Standard spec is .615 for a 20 gauge, although there are some manufacturing tolerances that will vary slightly ( around 2 % ). -cr
  7. Coloradoryan


    PBro21, Mudhen is giving you solid advice. If you are hitting high you are likely seeing too much rib, put the next drop shim in and take a look down the rib, it should be flat so that you dont see much of the top of the rib but the bead still perfectly. Its not hard, and doesn't require a gunsmith ( thats why benelli includes them). 15 minutes at the range with your shim kit and you will be ready to rock A larger front site will make the gun shoot a bit lower because they are taller. They are very easy to install as they just screw in. Unscrew the old one with some non maring plier
  8. One of two things probably going on. 1. As Mudhen suggested, broken firing pin. 2. Quite common, the bolt head was not rotated and locked in the barrel. The firing pin will not reach the round and you get the infamous benelli "click", the hammer strikes the bolt carrier but not the firing pin. ( its a safety thing). you can often see a dent start to form on the hammer if this happens frequently) This nailed me several times on my first benelli hunting trip. I experianced this from manually closing the bolt by hand instead of using the button to close the action and a couple of b
  9. Does the barrel have a stepped rib by chance?
  10. Hey Miami, first let me say BIG drag, on your bolt carrier.... Is a NON low recoil round barrel available for your m4? Reason I ask is because a "low recoil round" barrel is typically designed for just that and only that, low recoil Police, and Military rounds ( they have their own designation) for close quarter combat, and training. In fact many agencies are only authorized to use low recoil ammo, in buck or slug. I am assuming that the standard barrel is a two port which the ARGO system can regulate between standard, and magnum rounds effectively, but it is quite possible th
  11. Your buying him the M4? ( military purpose shotgun) Can I call you dad too?? The M4 is a spectacular shotgun ( Thats why the US Marines choose it ). You are not going to have any 50 round /gun falling apart problems. As to your question about birds and clays ? Its not really designed for that. I think standard configuration is an 18.5 inch barrel with ghost ring sights. The m1 or m2 is a good choice for hunting, that can also play the role of combat gun with some inexpensive furniture changes, and a mag extension.
  12. White Feather, for less than $50 you can send in your barrel and chokes and have them cryogenically treated by companies such as Cryopro or many other companies. Turn around time is usually about a week and is safe to bluing, teflon finishes, etc.. Here is the 50 cent definition of what the process does. The Cryo process turns soft carbon ( austinite ) into a smaller, stronger carbon molecule ( martensite ). The process makes the surface less porous, which increases durability, makes it easier to clean, etc... It reduces risdual stress from the manufacturing process and also
  13. The Super Sport is a fine gun but it is definately more of a clays gun then a hunting gun. The Cordoba is simply a Super Sport that went to the barbeque finishing room instead of the plating and polishing room. (also, the carbon fiber stock on the supersport is not carbon fiber, its the same as the rest with a paint job to simulate a carbon fiber weave.) The M2 was designed to hunt, and it sounds like thats what your after. It would be my choice in your shoes. If you want a flashy gun like the Supersport, but in more of a hunting setup the newer Legacy is a good choice and a
  14. Was it a reload ? The shearing of the Saddle screw could have been from a slightly loose saddle mount screw, a little bit of freeplay makes the screw take the full load of the mass of the carrier and the shotgun recoil force. ( quite a bit of force opposing each other there). It is unlikely but possible that the extra mass on the side of the gun being loose caused a snapping effect on the gun ( sort of like a second recoil ) and caused the barrel lug seperation. ( especially if the solder joint wasn't that strong to begin with ) (When you were firing those #00 buck rounds you m
  15. I think e gun parts sells them for about $25, and Brownells is about $35. Brownells can be kind of expensive if you dont get the dealer discount... Benelli might sell you one cheaper, or possibly even give you one...
  16. Waylon, that will look great! A little custom touch never hurt anything! Im not sure what the finish is on the benelli bolt to make them black ( all mine are already chrome). If I had to guess I would say its probably a black oxide ( someone might jump in and give you the specifics). If it is a black oxide forget about a chemical strip unless you want to play with a %30 hydrachloric acid dip. If it is just regular bluing ( which I kinda doubt, but maybe), you can buy bluing remover at any sporting good shop which just wipes on, and takes the bluing off. You are probably goi
  17. Don't take this the wrong way but have you tried calling Franchi? If anyone can sell you an emblem its them, and they might be able to point you in the right direction of a book that covers history of the model. If it were me and all resources were exhausted..... I would probably scan the logo and take it to one of those places that do desktop CNC carving and hand them the scan. They can scan it and the computer can carve it out of wood, metal, whatever.... A little research on Google, or your local phone book will produce someone capable of doing this. Also when you are
  18. Thats justification if I ever saw it!! If you are going to be using your smooth bore for a little while, try to stick to non saboted slugs if you can. Sabots will have trouble seperating if they are not spinning ( centrifical force of rotation opens the fingers evenly and the air catches the fingers and seperates the two ). With out the spinning they may not come off evenly which will effect accuracy, or possibly not come off at all and hit the target with the slug itself. They are still completly safe to shoot in your smoothbore but just an FYI when choosing slugs for your gun.
  19. No, It wont damage your gun. You can shoot ALL type of slugs in your smoothbore regardless of the choke installed, safely ( even a full choke). Now, accuracy is a different story of course and you already know that your smoothbore will suffer. You can actually buy a rifled choke that will help accuracy some, but if you plan on doing this much you should spring for the rifled barrel for your Nova. -CR [ 06-14-2005, 12:47 PM: Message edited by: Coloradoryan ]
  20. Is it possible to rustle a Mudhens feathers ? I am assuming OCD = out of control drinking? Great, a druken mudhen... Just kidding Mudhen ! IMO I think the fact that Beretta owns Sako ( and of course Stoeger) and the reasons for the merger are very important to this crowd. At least anyone who is considering buying one.... You said it yourself that one of the reasons ( certainly NOT the only) was because Stoeger was marketing a Turkish made knockoff that resembled a Benelli for half the price ( the model 2000 ). With strong sales of the Model 2000, it would mak
  21. You need to call around as it varies quite a bit... if you have a good shotgun dealer in your area they can refer you to someone. Don't go to just any gunsmith, see a specialist that fits shotguns. A regular gunsmith is only likely to fit Length of Pull, take your money, and kick you out the door.... A true specialist will have you out shooting at patterning boards until its right. You shoud count on a couple hundred bucks by the time its over ( depending on what type of stock you have ).
  22. I like the ruger 10/22, you can get parts ANYWHERE for them and you can customize it to what you want ( what your budget will allow). Anything from super lightweight carbon fiber barrels to heavy fluted, stainless steel, target bull barrels. The best part is you can do this yourself without needing to send it to a gunsmith which saves you a ton of $$$$$$ !!! The barrel is held on with two allen screws and you CAN'T mess up installing, or removing one. The trigger is by no means " fantastic" but you can upgrade those as well, other than that pretty darn accurate out of the box. Th
  23. If you actually have to shoot someone in a home defense situation the last thing you will be worrying about is the magazine cuttoff. As for the finish, the bright finish of the 870 will look less "tactical" to the jury when you are in court trying to defend yourself amongst your California peers who will be trying to put you away for life.
  24. The Stoeger 2000 is made in Turkey by Vursan which is of course a Beretta holding. The 2000 employs the functionality of the Benelli inertia system but does not have the fit and finish of the italian Benelli name. Producing the gun in Turkey and the finish work alone is enough to drastically reduce the price. I have held but never shot the 2000, I choose to purchase the benelli but the quality seemed to match the price IMO. Each model 2000 is suposed to be test fired by machine 1000 times before leaving the plant... I have been thinking about purchasing one just to try out... Also
  25. Coloradoryan

    Casting Shim

    W. No, if your gun is equiped with the cast shim like the super sport you must have the front cast shim in place with the front drop shim ( should be two up front) in a matched position with the rear plate. By removing the front cast shim it will not allow the stock to be seated properly and could end up damaging the stock and it will CERTAINLY effect accuracy and consistancy in shot placement.
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